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02-April-11. Mod podge in industrial quantities. What are they doing with gallons....
04-April-11. New Winsor-Newton canvas. much better make in their new Chinese factory
05-April-11. Simply Simmons brushes. they have been hard to get lately. The brush factory manager took his retirement. explains everything




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Canson and on and on

February 14, 2011 - Art Supplies

For some reason Canson has an expertise in tracing paper that no other supplier we have seen is able to match. They claim they invented it, but to that assertion they would have to furnish some tangible proof; like a pad of tracing paper from the time of the Duc de Burgundy. Like the Limbourg [...]

its worth a forest?

February 7, 2011 - Art Supplies

there is a lot of paper in Canada. What is amazing is how much in wasted. It certainly taken for granted that Canada has paper. No cap and trade for paper. Maybe we are secretly encouraged to waste it in order to ”save jobs” so some poor man risks serious injury felling trees in the [...]

the good stuff

We have had some good reaction to a product we brought in from Chroma almost two years ago. Its only in the past six months that it has started to get some attention from serious painters. Its called Atelier Interactive acrylic and its produced in Australia and imported through Chroma U.S.A. It seems to have [...]


November 18, 2010 - Art Supplies

The US economy,still under trial and tribulation, is looking to its mandarins of finance and economics to turn the corner on the mortgage crisis and overall crisis of confidence.  Global and domestic confidence in the US dollar is approaching a new crisis point, and talk is in the air for reducing America’s credit rating.  If [...]

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