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02-April-11. Mod podge in industrial quantities. What are they doing with gallons....
04-April-11. New Winsor-Newton canvas. much better make in their new Chinese factory
05-April-11. Simply Simmons brushes. they have been hard to get lately. The brush factory manager took his retirement. explains everything




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November 9, 2009 - General Information

I was merrily clicking away at the stumble button on my toolbar and I found a collection of  ”WTF photos from old times” as the original poster put it. And I couldn’t agree more. Photos of midget families, little girls on crocodiles, more midgets, a dog with a gun, a nazi basketball team and [...]

No bubbles here

I stumbled onto some pictures of some guy’s sculptures. Mostly animals and portraits and basic sculpture subjects like that. So I kept on reading and I found out that the guy’s sculptures were made out of bubblegum. My first reaction was :”God I hope it’s not chewed bubblegum, it would be pretty gross to have [...]

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