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02-April-11. Mod podge in industrial quantities. What are they doing with gallons....
04-April-11. New Winsor-Newton canvas. much better make in their new Chinese factory
05-April-11. Simply Simmons brushes. they have been hard to get lately. The brush factory manager took his retirement. explains everything




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Better to receive than to ship?

March 1, 2011 - Art Supplies

There are many who would say ”Its just a warehouse job” which evidently means they have never worked in a warehouse. To look after a warehouse, even one as modest as nondescript as Madame Pickwick is a challenging job. There are orders to be picked and shipped and stock to received and verified. Sounds simple. [...]

oh so soft

February 28, 2011 - Art Supplies

So Soft fabric paints have been around for considerable number of years, but their popularity has expanded, in part, by the discouragement of  plastic grocery and shopping bags. We are still selling a lot of fabric medium but the So-Soft paint permits to paint directly on the cotton without pre-mixing the colors with the medium. [...]

3D Acrylic: thick and creamy and dreamy

I remember once a painting teacher said ”I love hauser dark green, I could eat the stuff”. Its good to know that people can get excited about acrylic paint. At one time decorative art was only done done in oil paint. At its origins, back in the days of Peter Ompir and Warner Wrede there [...]

Traditions, Traditions…..

February 24, 2011 - Art Supplies

We had low expectations when Deco-Art launched their premium decorative paint about five years ago. It looked like something that might fly, but there was always something that made us wary. David Jansen, an accomplished painter and son of the iconic Jo Sonja Jansen had quit the family nest and was going to have his [...]

Pompeii: painting on a volcano

February 23, 2011 - Art Supplies

Private label is always a tricky venture. For many; its a way to increase profit, maybe dilute the quality a bit in so doing, and shield yourself from competition from competing brands. Last year we started looking around for a solution to the canvas issues we were having. Winsor Newton was not a bad move, [...]

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