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02-April-11. Mod podge in industrial quantities. What are they doing with gallons....
04-April-11. New Winsor-Newton canvas. much better make in their new Chinese factory
05-April-11. Simply Simmons brushes. they have been hard to get lately. The brush factory manager took his retirement. explains everything




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3D Acrylic: thick and creamy and dreamy

I remember once a painting teacher said ”I love hauser dark green, I could eat the stuff”. Its good to know that people can get excited about acrylic paint. At one time decorative art was only done done in oil paint. At its origins, back in the days of Peter Ompir and Warner Wrede there was an Americanization of the European decorative arts such as still practiced at the Vesterheim Museum in Iowa. Eventually, craft painters began to take decorative painting in entirely new directions based on much cheaper acrylic paints and less expensive wood surfaces. I remember Gerry Klein of Eas’l publications telling us that in the early 1970′s she sold one million of one craft title through Sears. Acrylics dry quick and were ideal for dragging your stock to the store or studio and leaving with the paint dry….

Read More:''Previously known as System 3D, these high viscosity, heavy body acrylic paints use the same vibrant pigments as Original System 3, mixed in an acrylic resin with a higher inclusion of solids. With these great acrylics, it's easy to achieve thick, textured paint application and oil-like effects! Use it straight from the tube applied with a brush or painting knife, and create sculptural and impasto effects with ease! Quality System 3 Heavy Body Acrylics are the ideal choice for both students and established artists looking for a high viscosity acrylic at a reasonable price.'' Read More:

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Sales information: Benjamin Bouchard

…Fine art acrylics were rooted in the oil tradition much longer, but today it has really tacked over to acrylics. The pigments are good and the pricing is more affordable. We still sell Rembrandt Oil for the professional artist and Norweigan rosmaling arts, but the mass market has gone for less toxic product. Off-gasses are another subject! One of the best companies for acrylic paint is Daler-Rowney. They have a Graduate acrylic which is decent student grade at a great price. We just brought in some 1 liter format that will sell for $20 so the value is real good, the best, without sinking into day-care and primary school grade. What has been innovative on their part is the development of System 3D acrylic. Systenm 3D is a  higher grade than Graduate and is extra thick so that oil artists who use a palette knife can shlack it on heavy like oil paint and not have it drip like molasses on the end of a formica counter. Its a great product and has converted the die-hards who seem to be weaned off the almost glue-sniffing obsession, it seems, with some oil paints. Our retail for the 150 ml is only $5,95 which is how much lower can it go?

'' collector has some small idea of the folk art by Peter Ompir, but many don't know about his partner, Warner Wrede, who continued on after Ompir's death. This quiet, modest man cared so much for the art form that he had little time for publicity or fame. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 1, 1917, he was the youngest of three children. As a young man, seeking his fortune in New York, Warner had a chance meeting with Peter Ompir. Fascinated by the work that Ompir was doing, Wrede started out by helping Ompir with the preparation process of the pieces. Enventually Ompir handed him a decorating brush and told him to give it a try. A love of folk art was born.''

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